"I found out on a Friday that my wife would be discharged to home from a Nursing Rehabilitation facility in three weeks and that she would be wheelchair dependent. We live in a split level home so that meant my wife would be confined to the upper area of our home unless she had the use of a stairlift.

Luckily, I had anticipated this and discovered Source Equipment Co. on the Source Lift web site. I called Bill Fellows late that Friday, knowing the office would be closed, and left a message. First thing Monday morning Bill called me and he was at my home by 3pm that same day. He fully explained the process to me and the pro's and con's of two straight lifts vs. one curved lift. I decided on the curved and Bill immediately did the preparation work he needed to do before leaving.

Bill was very sympathetic to our needs. He honestly told me that three weeks was probably not realistic, but he would impress upon the company our desire to get it as quickly as possible. Bill did his work immediately and I got a quote early the next day. Once approved Bill then quickly did what needed to be done to get the process rolling.

The stair lift was delivered to Source Equipment Co. in four weeks, late in the afternoon and Bill called and we arranged a date for him to install it.

First, I was very impressed by the excellent communication between Bill and myself every step on the way. He came on Thursday and planned to do the job in two days. They finished in one. The way they went about the installation was impeccable. Attention was paid to every detail. I did not have an electric outlet in a convenient place and planned to have an electrician install one once the stair lift installation was finished. We talked about it and between the three of us found a way to get to an electric supply without involving anyone else. This took extra time, but they took the time and were very careful and concerned to make the electrical connection as "invisible" as possible. 

They finished the job that day knowing that my wife would want to get started using it. Bill and his partner were very relaxed in doing a fine job. My dog, Scotty, was very interested in what they were doing and they were not at all disturbed by a few kisses (which they deserved).
Even though they had worked hard all day, they took the time to make sure everything was done correctly and showed me how to use the stair lift. They never gave me the feeling that they just wanted to get home after a hard day's work.

I would recommend Bill Fellows and Source Equipment Co. to anyone having the need of a stair lift. To repeat, the communication between us was great, the job they did was impeccable, but most important, Bill really cared about my wife's needs and did everything possible to get the job done as quickly as possible."

- Carl S.‚Äč


"I was very pleased with the quick turnaround. I was also pleased with the 3 options offered, including rental. Finally, the soft-sell, no-pressure approach was great, as well as your understanding that basic functionality is really all that matters."

- Lori P.


"After installation of all 3 chairs, one presented an access problem because of door/wall at exit. Bill handled my concerns in extremely professional manner. He changed the side of the chair was attached to stairs at a reduced cost for additional parts and time. I strongly recommend this company (and Bill) to anyone considering purchasing of chairlifts."

- Joanne P.


"The results of the installation has its "ups and downs"! Seriously, we are very pleased with your personable service. Your installation was very quick, timely and very neat. My father is very pleased with his rides on what he calls "Luke Skywalker". He has not climbed the stairs since the stair lift has been operational. We wish we had contacted you sooner!"

- Stephen M.


"I used it for the first time to get out to my doctors and the anxiety I used to experience knowing I had to use the stairs was gone. I felt very safe!"

- Janis D.


"You were the best presented via the web and all comments of satisfaction found that can be echoed loud and clear from our experience. Thank you for presenting your product and the following installation in such a sensitive and gental manner. Absolutely the least disruptive service imaginable. Mom absolutely loves the lift!"

- Barbara D.


"There wasn't any pressure to buy, liked the product and the company was close by, also Bill was a very nice person to invite into our home. Bill was so quiet you would not know he was there. We are enjoying our stairlift, what a blessing!"

- Claire C.


"We are very happy with the chair. It is making it a lot easier going up and down to the playroom and cellar. Thank you!"

- Sumner C.


"Wonderful people to deal with. Very professional and took a great deal of time explaining the operation of the lift. Very professional installation and everything was clean up (boxes, etc.). I will recommend Sourcelift to anyone in need of a stairlift. Thank you Bill and Brad!"

- Mr. & Mrs. H.

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covid-19 update: we are taking every precaution to keep our clients and employees safe. Read more...

covid-19 update: we are taking every precaution to keep our clients and employees safe. Read more...